Office Detailed Specification

General Finishing

1. Tenant
  • Floor

concrete bare

  • Border Partition

light bricks with painted

  • Ceiling

acoustic tile

  • Entry door

glass door

2. Lobby lift & Corridor
  • Floor


  • Ceiling
acoustic tile/gypsum board
3. Public Space
  • Lobby ground floor


  • Toilet floor
homogenius tile 30 x 30 cm
  • Ceiling
gypsum board with painted
  • Entry door
frameless glass door

Building Exterior

  • Exterior wall

glass and aluminium frame

  • Drop off canopy
steel structure, aluminium composite panel & tempered glass
  • Drop off floor
natural stone

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

  • AC system

split duct

  • Lighting

TL, armature

  • Fire fighting

hydrant & sprinkler

  • Fire alarm

smoke detector, heat detector

  • Fire hydrant extinguisher

apar at public area

  • CCTV at public area

lobby, corridor outdoor area, car lift

  • Passenger lift

5 unit with card access

  • Service lift

1 unit with card access

  • Back up power for electricity, lighting, AC
full power gen-set ±3800 kva (apartment & hotel)
  • Electrical capacity
±100 watt per sqm
  • Water supply

main water supply from pdam, back up by deep-well